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Kitten Updaye

Tempest is adjusting to living inside with people and Peggy. She’s clingy. But also vicious. My arms and legs are covered in scratches. At first she only slept in her little cat bed.

Now she prefers my bed.

Her hobbies include killing plants, scratching up my arms and legs, trying to pull down my curtains, and damaging my one nice dress.

She’s really good at all of those things. She’s also really good at stealing everything and hiding it in her cat bed. Every thing. Hair ties, clothespins, yarn balls, trash, keychains, stuffed animals, and shoes. Yes, shoes.

Much love, Anna Katherine

If interested I published a book back in February, I Still Wear Black Eyeliner. I am working on another one (not poems this time) which will hopefully be ready to publish sometime in the next couple of years.

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Life is Weird

Hello humans of the internet! I swear I’m still a blogger. There’s just not much to talk about. So, I think today is just going to be a quick check in. How is everyone? Still wearing masks when you go outside?

I’ve been writing a lot. So much. I feel like it’s extra hard to blog when all I’m doing is writing. There’s just not that much to say. I’m writing. I hope that what I’m writing will be available for purchase eventually. That’s all I’ve got really.

Much love, Anna Katherine

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May 2020

Hello humans of the internet.

I don’t have much to say today, please enjoy some pictures of this kitten. Her name is Tempest.

She’s a Tempest in a teapot.

Much love to everyone


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April Highlights

Hello humans of the internet! Life has been pretty slow for most people. Which is why I haven’t had much to say on here in a really long time. It would just be the same post everyday. So, without further ado: April highlights.

1. I’m well. My family is well.

2. I’ve written a lot

3. I’ve spent a lot of time with Schulz

4. I’ve spent so much time with Peggy and Soot that they’re sick of me.

Let me know what you have enjoyed about the last month.

Much love

Anna Katherine

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Some New-ish Plants

Hello humans of the internet! I have some plants that I don’t think I ever shared pictures of. I’ve obviously had them awhile because I’ve been over here in quarantine for weeks.

This is an arrowhead plant. I think, it wasn’t labeled at the store. And there’s Kai being a little fish in the background.

This is a venus flytrap and I’m so excited about this plant. They’re a super cool plant. She ate a bug yesterday like the amazing plant that she is. I watched part of a documentary on them and I’m even more fascinated by them than ever. This has always been a plant that I wanted even as a little kid.

This one isn’t a super new plant and I’ve probably mentioned it before today. I just need to complain one last time that I bought “aloe” seeds last year and now I have a tiny cactus. I have very little knowledge about cacti which could explain why it’s not growing very fast. Luckily, I actually got a cactus book from my sister and brother-in-law for my birthday.

I think that’s all of my new plants. I’ve got a couple of propagations going because what else am I going to do?

Much love

Anna Katherine

Also if you’re interested in reading this, I wrote a book (I Still Wear Black Eyeliner). You can also google it, if you don’t want to click on that link. You have to scroll down for a while, it’s mostly ads for eyeliner, but it’s there. I checked. Also if you have read it, please leave a review so that I and others can know what you think of it. Even if you hate it, I’d like to know your opinion.

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March 2020 Highlights

Hello humans of the internet! I thought about not doing a highlights post for March because frankly everything is bad. But, then I decided that this is exactly when I need to think about the best things. Even if it’s a short list.

I turned twenty five. That’s honestly, kind of a neutral thing, I don’t feel super positive or negative about it.

The little duckling is growing up healthy. He’s actually getting stronger. And he thinks he’s a chicken.

And that is all for my March highlights. Please let me know what your March highlights are, we’ll just spread a little joy here.

Stay healthy and safe

Anna Katherine

Also if you’re interested, I Still Wear Black Eyeliner . I totally get if ready a poetry book is not on your mind right now, but if it is, I wrote one.

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Appropriate Work Attire

Hello humans of the internet! I have heard from a lot of people that when you work from home you should dress like you’re going to work to help put yourself in that mindset. But here’s my question: why can’t I work in sweatpants and slippers?

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Day ? Of Quarantine

Hello humans of the internet! I’ve noticed several people saying things like “day 4 of quarantine” or whatever day of quarantine it is. And I realized that I have no idea which day was the first day of quarantine. This whole thing is so surreal.

At first, I really wanted to talk about it, but worried that people would judge me talking about it because 1) what do I know about a pandemic and 2) would I sound like a panicker. But that was about two weeks ago. A lot has changed since then. It seems that the whole world has frozen in place. For many people, I think that their worlds froze suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly, due to their workplace sending them home or their school closing. For me, I feel like the transition into quarantine was much slower. I already work from home (please buy my book). It’s been a while since I went to school. Which just makes this all even more surreal.

Every morning, I watch the news and the world is different than it was when I went to bed.

Last week, I went to pick up my prescriptions and there was just one other customer.

My dad and sister are both teachers and have been working from home.

I live in a small southern town and all of a sudden, people aren’t having hour long conversations with you anytime you have to go somewhere.

Church was held over livestream.

I’m suddenly stuck inside with extroverts. I’m too introverted for quarantine, I need people to leave so I can get my alone time.

So, I don’t know which day was the official first day of quarantine for me. It was more of a gradual closing in. Now, suddenly, I’m just here. I can’t really leave. At least I live out in the country where I can still go outside and walk Peggy without seeing other people.

Stay safe, stay well

Much love

Anna Katherine

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Stuck Home

Hello humans of the internet! You might have noticed that there’s a virus going around. The whole world. From what I’ve seen online, a lot of people are stuck inside. The schools in my home state are closed, other states are doing the same thing. Some people are working from home.

What have I been doing?

  • Writing
  • Hanging out with Soot (the cat)
  • Hanging out with Peggy (not at the same time as hanging out with Soot because Peggy is too hyper for her. Peggy is too hyper for everyone.)
  • Laundry
  • Writing
  • Hanging out with my sister
  • Playing video games
  • Keeping my plants alive

That’s it. I’m literally doing the same things that I normally do, now with more video games and less running to the dollar store. (I did run out to get laundry detergent, flower pots, and snacks.)

Much love

Anna Katherine

If you’re interested, I wrote a book, I Still Wear Black Eyeliner. If you buy the book or have already purchased it, please let me know what you think. You can let me know that you hate it, I’m just curious how people feel about it.

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25th Birthday

Hello humans of the internet! Yesterday was my 25th birthday!

And I’m spent the morning going to get x-rays. I’m fine. But it is kind of funny that this isn’t even the first time I’ve spent my birthday getting x-rays. Of course when I was 11 it was because I broke my wrist on my brand new Heelys. Then all of my friends’ parents used me as a reason to not get them Heelys back when Heelys were at the height of their popularity. So, my friends were irritated that they couldn’t have Heelys because I had broken my arm. To be fair, I’m incredibly clumsy and I doubt any of them would have gotten hurt.

Much love

Anna Katherine

Also I wrote a book, I Still Wear Black Eyeliner