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Road Trip Continued

Hello humans of the internet.  It’s been a long day.  We’ve been on the road since 7 o’clock this morning and are finally in our hotel at 10 o’clock.   In that time we have gone to has stations eaten a lot of food that is probably going to make is fat and driven through 6 states.

The day began at last night’s hotel in Georgia. I honestly don’t remember the name of that one as we didn’t find it until after midnight and left freakishly early. Luckily,  we’d gotten through Atlanta traffic yesterday so it was a pretty easy drive to Alabama.   Continue reading “Road Trip Continued”

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Packing Guide

Hello lost humans of the internet.  I hope you’ve been avoiding dys-adventures and having only the best adventures.  “What’s a dys-adventure?” you may be asking.   I realized that I don’t think I’ve ever defined this word that I invented and use all the time.  It is a combinations of the words dyslexia and misadventure and means a misadventure or mistake that is the direct result of my learning disability.

“AK, what does this have to do with a Packing Guide?”  Absolutely noting, I just wanted to get that out of the way because I’ve been using a made up word for over a year without defining it.  You’ve probably figured it out based on context, if not now you know.

Today I’m going to be talking about how to pack a carry on for a long flight.  Continue reading “Packing Guide”

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AK’s Adventures on the Tube

Hello lost humans of the Internet! I hope that y’all have had a wonderful week, thanks for coming back to see what’s up, unless you are new here.  In that case: welcome to this blog about bumbling through life!  Today I wanted to talk about all the interesting interactions I have had with strangers since arriving in London.  (I will actually be limiting this to the three that happened while riding the underground because you do not want to read a post long enough to encompass every bizarre interaction).   Continue reading “AK’s Adventures on the Tube”

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The Actual Best Day of My Life

Hello lost humans of the internet!  Welcome to Dys-Adventures.  I haven’t written about any dysadventures lately.  This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been having my fair share of dysadventures.  I’ve just wanted to share all of my adventures in London with you.  Rest assured, I have been embarrassing myself, getting hopelessly lost and just generally bumbling through life.  This week I was going to talk about one of my many dysadventures, in this case getting lost trying to understand the Tube map, but on Tuesday, I had the actual best day of my entire life.  So, I am again going to talk about stuff that has no correlation with dyslexia.



Continue reading “The Actual Best Day of My Life”

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Expectations VS. Reality

Greetings lost people of the internets!  This is the promised expectations vs. reality post that I was going to write last week.  So, here we go:

I have been thinking about what I expected London to be like compared to what London is actually like.  Anytime that you are going to a new place or situation you are going to have some expectations.  I personally have wanted to travel my entire life.  When I was younger I watched travels shows on public television and when I was in middle school I started a mental list of all the places that I wanted to go.

This is that list Continue reading “Expectations VS. Reality”

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My First Dys-Adventure in London


Greetings lost interneters, I’m so glad that you have found my site and are choosing to read this blog.  I have been planning a really good post about expectations versus reality when coming to a new place.  However, I’m going to tell you about my Dys-Adventure from yesterday.  I will save the other post for next week, unless something else more exciting happens to me.

First, I believe I mentioned in post a week or two ago, the road signs here are very confusing to me.  I stand by that.  But in this particular case, I was looking for a street called Ontario.  This street is supposed to be a short cut to my class.  It didn’t end up as much of a short cut.  I paced back and forth down Keyworth, because Ontario is supposed in intersect it at some point.  I couldn’t find any of the street signs.  Any of them. Continue reading “My First Dys-Adventure in London”

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Crossing the street in London

Greeting internet humans, I know what you’re thinking, “Crossing the street, come on, AK, anyone can cross the street.  Why do you need a whole blog post about something that you learn to do as a child?”  Because its really difficult, that’s why.

I haven’t been in London for that long and this is definitely the biggest city I have ever been to much less lived in.  Because of this, I have encounter a lot of things that are completely foreign to me such as TONS OF TRAFFIC!!!!  Just insane amounts of traffic.  So much.  If I die it will be because a giant two-story bus took me out in the crosswalk.  I have learned that you have to mash the button on the lamppost and wait for the dinging noise which you can’t always hear because of all of the construction.  There’s also a little green light up man, or gay marriage support thingys (I’m going to do a separate blog post on that)  But, it only takes a very short amount of time that you can actually walk and I have very short legs.  (I’m only 5’2″).  So, I’m jogging across and it still turns red before I make it all the way across.  Now, if you were driving a giant bus and there was someone making their way across as fast as their short little legs can carry them, would you wait two seconds to ensure the safety of everyone?  NOPE.  They drive through, honking their horn and you just have to book it.  Giant buses of death aside, there are also tiny bicycles of death.  Not motorbikes, not mopeds, like little pedal bikes ridden by jerks.  I’ve been yelled at by so many bikers in their little biker t-shirts.  They will just yell for you to move.  You could just as easily move, bikers, that’s all I’m saying.

So, that’s all for this week.  I will blog again next week if I don’t die trying to cross the street to my classes before then.  Until then leave any questions that you have in the comments section below.  I will answer all of them (because there’s only five of you that read this) unless it is super inappropriate.  Stay happy, guys!


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First Friday in London!

Hello, humans of the internet!  This is my first week in a brand new city, a new country, a new culture.  Time for some first impressions!

  1.  Way more culture shock then I expected.  I hadn’t expected to have much culture shock at all. I speak the language, I know people from here.  I watch British television.  But, turns out that everything is different here.  A huge portion of my culture shock is due to being in a city.  This is the biggest place I’ve been and I’m now suddenly living her on my own!  Please leave any questions about the culture in the comments and I’ll try to answer them in a future blog.
  2. Dyslexic navigation!  Reading street signs of places that I’ve never seen before is so difficult.  I was sent to Keyworth St.  (It’s about a two minute walk from where I’m living).  It took me half an hour and I ended up all the way at Elephant and Castle Market.  I can not tell what any of the signs say.  Luckily, I have met some amazing people that have helped me.  Let me know if you would like to learn more about how amazing the airport was about helping me out with finding what I need and I’ll to a blog post about it.
  3. Accents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                 There are so many accents and languages here.  Everyone that I’ve spoken to sounds completely different.  Even people who are from the same country.  I don’t know what that is surprising to me seeing as everyone in the U.S. sounds different.  It is a little difficult to switch listening gears in your head for literally everyone that you talk to.                                                                                              Everyone have a wonderful week.  I hope that you are filled with joy and have lots of adventures.  Anything at all that you are curious about, leave a comment and I will get to it.  Keep it weird, you wonderful human.



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Job Hunt and other things

Hello to everyone who accidentally finds this blog while looking for something else. I do hope you stick around to see what it’s all about.  And to everyone who came here in purpose, thank you and I hope you like it.

I realized yesterday that I completely forgot to write a post last week.  I hope this was not a disappointment for anyone.  I simply became far too wrapped up in stress over my job hunt.  On that note does anybody have job suggestions for me?

I had a fairly serious dysadventure the other day (at least it felt so at the time).  I was practicing Spanish at the time and meant to write “Como cebollas” which I think means I eat onions.  I wanted to say this because I love onions, they are delicious.  Except this isn’t what I said.  I said “Como caballos” which my dyslexic brain thought was the exact same word.  Turns out I was writing I eat horses.  So then I felt sad for the horses that I didn’t eat. And very glad that life isn’t a children’s television show where the real world is changed by misspellings to illustrate the importance of correct spelling.

Finally,  before I go, I would like to tell anyone who was waiting to hear that the winning name for the plush sheepie is (drumroll to build up before the anticlimactic reveal): Harold.  I feel that this is a great name for a sheep.

Last and far from least, please let me know if you want a post on something specific. Like do you want to hear about my cat? The chickens that hatched yesterday? How long it takes to get a passport?  My best friend’s maymester trip abroad?  (I’m sure she’d do a guest post for y’all)

Until next time, much love and keep it weird.

Anna Katherine