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Hair Adventures Chapter: It’s a Wig

Hello humans of the internet! Yes, this is another post about my hair. And I don’t think it’ll be the last. I like doing things to my hair. Basically, I bought a wig and I’m living my best life. I live it, I don’t even can if it looks bad.

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February 2019 highlights (finally)

Hello humans of the internet I’m finally writing this… several days into March. Sorry. But it’s here now

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Highs, Lows, and Uh-ohs, September 2018

Hello, Humans of the internet!  It’s the end of September.  Not exactly the last day, we still have two more, but this is close enough.  September was kind of eventful.   Continue reading “Highs, Lows, and Uh-ohs, September 2018”

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Self Birthday Presents

Hello Humans of the internet!  First of all, I hope everyone enjoyed whatever activities they choose for International Woman’s Day last Thursday.  I personally put a Princess Leia window cling on my car.  It looks great.  Far less exciting than the empowerment of women all over the world, today is my 23rd birthday.  And I feel old.  

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The Chop

Hello Humans of the Internet!  As mentioned before, I’ve been looking for a change for my hair.  And I thought of one.  I decided to give myself a pixie cut and I’m really glad that I did.  Would I recommend cutting one’s own hair?  No.  It will not look good.  But it can feel very therapeutic.  So, I decided to write a post about my process.

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Happy Fall

Hello Humans of the Internet!  It’s the first day of Fall of as I like to call it the first day that people aren’t completely judgmental about my excitement for Halloween.  This is my favorite time of year, so get ready, y’all. 

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The Blessings of Modern Technology

Hello Humans of the Internet!  It’s Monday again.  (technically it’s Sunday as I’m writing this, but it will be Monday when I post it.  I’m trying to write this weeks posts early).  I’m currently taking a break from rearranging my room. (Does anyone else just get in weird moods and start moving furniture or dye their hair hot pink?  Just me? okay)  I want to share a story about technology and how much I love it.

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As Summer Ends

Hello Humans of the Internet!  I hope that you all had fantastic weekends!  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to write this post when school went back because that’s what I typically view as the end of summer or on the first day of fall because that’s the actual end of summer.  I decided that now is a good time because I’m working so my vacation time is over and I didn’t feel like talking about the eclipse.  

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Gift Card Stress Final Update

Hello Humans of the Internet!  It’s finally Friday!  Also my first day at work!  Yes!  You know what that means, I won’t be complaining about being unemployed and living with my parents.  Now I’m just living with my parents!  There’s not much to say yet seeing as I’m actually writing this very early Friday morning before work.  It’s starts in just a few hours and I’m so excited.  Also, excited about what came in the mail yesterday!

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Gift Card Stress Update

Hello Humans of the Internet!  It’s a beautifully rainy day today.  I’ve always loved the rain, especially warm summer rains.  Walking in this kind of rain seems to cleanse the soul and afterwards it has that very particular post rain smell.  Today, I would like to offer an update on my gift card stress from Monday.  This will be a really short post today.  

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