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Day ? Of Quarantine

Hello humans of the internet! I’ve noticed several people saying things like “day 4 of quarantine” or whatever day of quarantine it is. And I realized that I have no idea which day was the first day of quarantine. This whole thing is so surreal.

At first, I really wanted to talk about it, but worried that people would judge me talking about it because 1) what do I know about a pandemic and 2) would I sound like a panicker. But that was about two weeks ago. A lot has changed since then. It seems that the whole world has frozen in place. For many people, I think that their worlds froze suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly, due to their workplace sending them home or their school closing. For me, I feel like the transition into quarantine was much slower. I already work from home (please buy my book). It’s been a while since I went to school. Which just makes this all even more surreal.

Every morning, I watch the news and the world is different than it was when I went to bed.

Last week, I went to pick up my prescriptions and there was just one other customer.

My dad and sister are both teachers and have been working from home.

I live in a small southern town and all of a sudden, people aren’t having hour long conversations with you anytime you have to go somewhere.

Church was held over livestream.

I’m suddenly stuck inside with extroverts. I’m too introverted for quarantine, I need people to leave so I can get my alone time.

So, I don’t know which day was the official first day of quarantine for me. It was more of a gradual closing in. Now, suddenly, I’m just here. I can’t really leave. At least I live out in the country where I can still go outside and walk Peggy without seeing other people.

Stay safe, stay well

Much love

Anna Katherine


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

3 thoughts on “Day ? Of Quarantine

  1. I think this is a lovely space to share personal thoughts! Everyone is going through changes and a great way to cope is through writing. I agree that there has been little change as I do online for school, I am introverted and immune-compromised. However, it seems in the midst of it all, media has heightened a lot of scattered anxiety. Blessings!

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