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Some not so thriving plants

Hello humans of the internet! Today I thought it would be fun to compile a list of some of the plants that haven’t worked out. Before reading that, please enjoy this picture of a thriving nerve plant!

On to the not so thriving plants.

  1. The elephant bush. This is a plant that I was so excited about. And because of that, I got a little obsessed with and way over watered it. This is definitely one that I’d like to try again and this time I’ll make sure to water it correctly.
  2. The sensitive plant. Another one that I was super excited about. I grew this one from seeds, it was thriving. At least, it was thriving until Soot discovered that it moved and attacked it. I tried to save it.
  3. Aloe seeds. This one isn’t a fail on my part because the seeds did sprout, but the seeds that came up were a cacti not an aloe.
  4. A moon valley pilea. I don’t think I ever made a post talking about this one. I think this one must have had some kind of fungus as it went from healthy to rotting within days of me bringing it home.
  5. An aluminum plant. This one was thriving, but I put the moon valley pilea next to it and it also rotted super quickly.

Now, let’s take a look at my thriving Norfolk island pine, so I can feel a little bit better.

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4 thoughts on “Some not so thriving plants

  1. I suffer growing things. Every year I grow peppers and theyll only produce 7-8, 10 at the most. I’ve tried various locations in the yard for shade/sun and different soil pieces… same results either way..


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