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Back Again

Hello Humans of the internet! I know that I took a little longer off from blogging than I intended. I meant to get back to writing as soon as Schulz left. Once he came and left I realized that it’s a lot harder emotionally. I knew it was going to be hard, I don’t know why I thought I’d be totally okay the next day. That was really expecting a lot of myself.

I wanted to talk about Peggy meeting Schulz because it was super cute. I wanted to take a bunch of pictures or film it or something. But that didn’t happen.

I drove up to the airport to pick up Schulz with just me and Peggy. It was the longest trip Peggy has made, I was really proud of her. When Peggy rides with me, she rides safely in the back in her travel crate. I do want to point out that while the create is technically in the trunk area of my car, the trunk isn’t actually separate from the rest of the car and she’s in the air conditioner. Anyway, that’s a lot safer than having her roaming around where she would be seriously injured in the event of a car accident. (I am working on getting her a like dog seat belt type thing). That aside it was a long ride and Peggy did a very good job, we listened to the radio and Peggy napped.

We got to the airport super early, because I gave myself time to get lost about 3-4 times and only got lost 2, so dyslexia win. Peggy was really well behaved at the airport, too. She did try to meet every single person who walked by, but responded really well when I told her to stop. Turns out she’s scared of airplane noises. I discovered this when we heard one landing and Peggy jumped into my arms kind of like Scooby Doo. So, we waited. Peggy tried to eat cigarette butts a lot. You have no idea how many cigarette butts are on the sidewalk at the airport. We did take this one picture between her trying to eat trash.

This was Peggy looking at the door to the airport. I like to think she was waiting for Schulz and understood what was happening, but I’m pretty sure she’s just saw that there were more people inside than outside. Finally, finally, my phone when off and Schulz was telling me that he had landed then what felt like hours later, but was actually just a few minutes he was walking out of the airport. And yes Schulz was more excited to see Peggy than to see me. Literally, he gave me a quick kiss and then was on the ground with Peggy loving on her.

I hope that y’all enjoyed a really long description of Schulz meeting Peggy instead of lots of pictures or a video like I planned. If she’d stopped trying to eat cigarette butts, I might have remembered to take more pictures.

much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

One thought on “Back Again

  1. Well you did better with dyslexia than I did one year without it. I once drove two hours to Boston to pick up family only to discover that they were coming in the next day! Glad Peggy and Schulz hit it off so well.


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